Friday, March 11, 2016

What Exactly Is Golf Range Netting?

My brother just came to the family recently and told us that he plans to be a professional golfer. Since then, he has walked around talking about things like tees and golf range netting. I am trying to be supportive of his new career choice, but that is fairly hard to do when someone is always trying to have conversations with you about things you are not very familiar with. I told him to speak to me about it in layman's terms, but he said that there really is no way to explain it without being very technical.

Since we are all wanting to try our best to be there for him, I have decided to do a bit of research. I will go over some glossaries and other materials that will help me better understand what the golf range netting world is all about. I doubt that I will master all of the terms that my brother will over the course of his career, but I am sure I will do well enough to have a conversation with him without feeling like I am just talking and I know nothing about what is actually coming from my mouth.

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